Bunt-line Special Holster and Cartridge Belt

Product no.: CRB016

Cartridge Belt with Single Loop Holster

Made to Order and Made to Measure.

Cartridge Belt: 

Made from 9-10 0z Leather and is 2"1/2 wide.

Fitted with a engraved buckle on a 1"1/2 inch Billet and Chap.

The belt has 18 loops, which can be .45 or 38.

The belt is lined for reduced slipping.

There are decorstive gouge lines. 

Stitched with natural colour thread. There are a full range of colours available.


The Holster:

Made from 8-9 oz Leather.

The holster has a single loop with a hammer tie for safety.

The holster is to match the belt gouge lines. 

The belt and holster are finished in a range of colours with a full selection available. 

This holster is made to fit a Bunt-line Special with an 11" barrel.






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