Old West Black Powder Rig Cross Draw

Product no.: BPR004

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$380.00 / set(s)

Custom Made to order:

Black Powder Gun belt, Slim Jim Holster, Ammunition and Percussion Pouches.

The belt is 2 1/2" wide with double border tooling and lined.  Fitted with a 1 1/2" antique brass buckle and a belt keep on the inside and constructed from 10 oz leather.

The cross draw holster  to match the belt, is closed at the bottom with a hammer tie. Constructed from 7 - 8oz cowhide.

This particular holster will fit Black Powder Colt 1861 Navy, Colt 1860 Army, Colt 1860 Army, Richards Mason conversion and Colt 1851 Police Model (Short)

Can be made to fit other guns as needed.

The  percussion pouch, has  a double flap to retain contents, and double border tooled.

Ammo pouch is also matching the belt design and  double border tooled.

Both pouches are secured with a 3/4" straps and  fitted with antique brass studs to hold the flap shut.

Finished  in Dark Brown. This is available in a full range of colors.

Sewn in Natural thread with a wide range of colours available.

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Please ask for a quote to ship world wide.


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