Customer Information & Size Chart

Sizes & How To Measure

For Chest and Bust Measurements - Measure around the fullest

part  of the chest or bust, taking care to keep the tape under the

arms and around the shoulder blades.  Read the measurement with the

tape snug, not tight.  The number of inches is your correct size.


For Waist Measurements - Measure around your waist, over your

shirt (not over trousers) at your natural waist line. The number of inches

is your correct size.  Note: if you wear your trousers below your stomach,

we will also require your stomach measurement at it's largest point.


For The Seat/Hips Measurement - stand with your heels together

and measure around the fullest part.  The number of inches is your

correct size.


For Sleeve Length Measurements - Measure with your arm raised

level with shoulder. Start the tape level with the raised arm at the

exact middle of the back at the neck between the shoulder blades.

From the middle of your back, around the elbow to one inch past the

wrist joint. The number of inches is your sleeve length.


Neck Size - Measure around your neck at the point your shirt collar

button would be.  The number of inches shown is your correct size.


The chart below is intended as a guide. Garments vary from one pattern 

to another.  The style and cut may affect the fit of a garment. The

comfort factor should also be considered. Some people wear their clothes

looser or tighter than others.  If you are uncertain about which size to

choose, please call and we'll be happy to help you.





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