Carved Old West Cowboy Cuffs & Buckaroo Spur Strap Set.

Product no.: SS-CC-05-08
$325.00 / set(s)

Made to Order & Hand Crafted matching Pair:

Carved Cowboy Cuffs:
These cuffs are fully carved with a floral design, border tooled and finished in antique medium brown.

They can be made in a range of colors.

Made from 7-9 oz Cowhide.

Each pair is unique, with  the wrist of the cuff being scalloped to allow easier movement  and are cushioned top and bottom for additional comfort.

Fastened with two Brass or Nickel buckles, straps and a 3/16" leather thong to secure the  top rear of the cuff.

These cuffs can also be made to match a gun belt and holster.

Spur Straps:
Buckaroo Spur Straps with a large 2" Rose Berry Concho mounted on a Rosette.

The spur straps are border tooled border and  finished in Dark Brown,

Available in a full range of colours.

Fitted with a 5/8" oval cart buckle. The buckle can be adjusted to your required length of 8"1/2" to 10"1/2".  

If you need something smaller or larger email and we can accommodate your needs.

The spur strap measures 9 1/2" around the front of the boot.

Spur Straps are made to measure.

Made from 5 to 6oz leather cow hide.


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"The Hand of God" Extra Holster "The Hand of God" Extra Holster
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