We at Doves and Dandys are proud to offer The Santa Fe Spur in a South West Style They are adult size and made from Stainless Steel, with a polished finish and a Brass Rowel. The Rowel has 10 points and is 2" 1/4"wide . The spur has a built in chap guard with swinging fastening buttons.

$50.00 / pair(s) *


Hand Crafted & Made to Order:

High Plaines Handcrafted Carved Spur Straps. Read More

$110.00 / pair(s) *

can be shipped within 7 -14 days

Made to Order & Hand Crafted:

Buckaroo Spur Straps with large 2" Rose Berry Concho Read More.

$95.00 / pair(s) *