Old West Cowboy Cuffs

Product no.: OWC0009
$120.00 / pair(s)

Hand Crafted, Old West Cowboy Cuffs.

Made to Order:

Cosmetic Stitching and Double Border Tooled pattern border tooled with three and four gouge lines and a  authentic centre reproduction stamp. Stitched is natural thread.

Fastened using a 1/2" nickel double heeled buckle on woven strap 1/2". Smallest size with the buckle fully fastened is 7" will go out to 9" maximum.

Size Medium, with fit  8 1/2"" inch wrist 6" 3/4 long and 12" round the forearm, finished in  Antique Medium Brown.

Soft Satin finish

These have been sold but I would be happy to make another pair in a color of your choice and size.

Why not ask about having a pair made just for you.

Please inquire about international shipping.


Product Note Price
Lonestar Old West Cuffs Lonestar Old West Cuffs
$185.00 / pair(s)
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