Calico Wild Rag & Concho Slide

Calico Wild Rag & Concho Slide

In stock

$29.00 / set(s)

In stock & ready to Go!   Calico Wild Rag with a Old West Style Concho Slide. There are three patterns available, each with a concho.

When ordering please state the material pattern you would like. The material are Leaf Blue, Paisley and Daisy Blue, You can also choose whether you would like  Antique Nickel or Antique Nickel with Brass.

Each concho has a loop on the back for the Wild Rag to slide through. The metal concho size is 2" inches diameter with an antique finish.

Wild Rag Dimensions: 36" inches x 36"inches on two sides and equals 1/2 a square yard. You will find the wild rags to be beautifully finished and made with care.

We can supply these in other colors and materials.

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Please ask for a quote to ship world wide.


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