Plain Cartridge Belt And Single Loop Holster


Plain Cartridge Belt And Single Loop Holster

can be shipped within 21-28 days

$225.00 / set(s)

Hand Crafted Made to Measure:

Brown Cartridge Belt and Single Loop Holster.

This rig is a plain style with just some gouge lines.

The belt is 2"1/2 inches wide and has 18 fully stitched .45 bullet loops.

The belt is  lined in 2-3oz suede and constructed from 9-10oz  Veg-tan cowhide. It has a 1 1/2" heel  buckle and a buckle loop and a belt retainer loop to keep on the inside.

The single loop holster is constructed from 7-9oz Veg-tan cowhide and can be made to fit your gun. There is also a hammer tie to secure your gun in place

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.
Please ask for a quote to ship world wide.

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